Order process and Delivery

How to order:

1. You choose the products you need and send us your order.

2. We check the stock availability and confirm the order.
   The goods are stored in our warehouse in Vilnius (Lithuania), for speedy order processing and delivery.
   Warehouse stock gets replenished twice a month.

3. We prepare and dispatch the order via DPD (see the prices and options further down)
   - this can take up to 3-5 days from the day we have received your order request.

Delivery costs:

1. If order amount is less than € 1500, delivery costs are paid by you.

2. If order amount is from € 1500 to € 3000, delivery costs are split in half between you and us.

3. If order amount is € 3000 or higher, we pay the delivery costs.

Delivery options and prices:

1. DPD Classic Service – for prices, see the tables below:

Weight (kg) Zone 1 (EUR) Zone 2 (EUR) Zone 3 (EUR) Zone 4 (EUR)
3 25.00 30.00 35.00 52.00
20 29.00 36.00 40.00 58.00
31.5 35.00 45.00 49.00 66.00


ZONE 1 countries:  Poland
ZONE 2 countries:  Austria, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovakia, Finland,

ZONE 3 countries:  United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway***, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Switzerland***

ZONE 4 countries:  Bulgaria, Greece***, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Romania, Spain

***There is additional fee for the delivery to Crete island + 5 EUR and to the rest of Greek islands + 15 EUR.
     To Norway + 25 EUR and to Switzerland + 18 EUR (Customs services).

All prices are official DPD prices for the services stated above.

2. All the orders, we only deliver with DPD or other delivery service upon an agreement with you!

We will provide you with the total shipment weight estimates for your order before we confirm the order and
process it further, so you can decide on the best possible shipping option to choose, to meet your business needs.